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Strategic Business Transformation with Data
To start the year 2021 TIVIA kickstarts discussions about the global trend to make data a strategic and C-level responsibility. The aim of this trend has been to enable strategic business transformation with data and its leaders are called Chief Data Officers. This webinar is in English, free of charge for participants and requires registration in advance. In the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session where participants can ask questions from the presenters. Presenters of this webinar are: Tomi Dahlberg, Sami Laine, Peter Aiken and Jussi Nissilä. Read more about the topics and presenters below.

Webinar: Strategic Business Transformation with Data

  • Tuesday 12 January 2021
  • 15:00–16:30 local time | 3 pm – 4.30 pm  (GMT +02:00)
  • This webinar is free of charge but requires registration in advance



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Webinar agenda

The Status of  Strategic Data Management in Finland? Tomi Dahlberg, Chair, ICT Leaders Finland A Brief History of Chief Data Officer Trend Sami Laine, President, DAMA Finland The case for the CDO: Chief Data Officer Combat Peter Aiken, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University | President, DAMA International Next steps in raising ‘Data Assets’ to Strategic Business Decisions in Finland Jussi Nissilä, CEO, TIVIA

Detailed information about the presentations

The Status of  Strategic Data Management in Finland?

  • What do the studies and the activities conducted by the ICT Leaders Finland (ILF) tell about the maturity, priority and business significance of the governance of IT and IT management among C-level executives
  • The strategic significance of data in business in Finland  – are there enterprises, where data guides strategy and a CDO transforms  business? Are there enterprises, where an enterprise steering committee member is accountable for data capital, where the performance of a CDO is measured on the basis of business objective metrics, and where businesses are started or discontinued on the basis of data asset value creation

A Brief History of Chief Data Officer Trend

  • The introduction describes briefly how the need for CDO was recognised in the leading organizations that learned  the important lesson – that data  problems  are  often  fundamentally  business  problems. The experiences lead to a new sacademic research in MIT and analyst reports from Gartner.
  • Over a decade, the top data strategists and directors from many of the leading global companies have gathered yearly to MIT CDOIQ Symposium at Sloan Management School campus. This year, the previously USA-centric movement expanded the symposium virtually to a wider audience and launched the Country CDO Ambassador program.

The case for the CDO: Chief Data Officer Combat

  • Reflections on organizational IT performance, combined with decisive performance measurements, indicate that IT has been asked to do a job that it cannot do well.  Data are assets that deserve to be managed as professionally and aggressively as comparable organizational assets.  The solution is a data leadership function founded on three pillars:
  1. Dedication solely to leveraging data assets,
  2. Unconstrained by an IT project mindset, and
  3. Reports directly to the business
  • The program discusses the need for these to be mastered and coordinated.  There are two  primary tasks: eliminate data debit and use data strategically. A data explosion leaves most organizations unprepared to leverage their data assets. The redress assigns this vital, lacking function to its rightful driver, the business. Transformation may require some organizational discomfort. This can only be overcome by results so do not attempt to dabble in it.  CDOs are responsible for increasing organizational data literacy.

Next steps in raising ‘Data Assets’ to Strategic Business Decisions in Finland

  • Facilitating organizations
  • Roadmap for activities
    • Marketing
    • Training
    • Networking globally and locally

Experts and instructors of the webinar

Tomi Dahlberg Tomi Dahlberg, PhD (econ) is an Information Systems Science Professor at Turku School of Economics, the business school of the University of Turku with close to 100 publications. He is also a board professional in Finance and IT industries. Tomi is the chair of ICT Leaders Finland, the chair of the CIO of the year and digital leader of the year selection committees, the founder and board member of Blockchain Forum FI/EU and a member of Dama Finland. He chairs the SR-308 (shadow standardization committee) under SFS (Suomen standardisointiliitto) and is a member of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC40. His standardization work focuses on governance and management of ICT and data assets. Sami Laine Sami Laine, MSc (Information Systems) from University of Turku, is the current President of DAMA Finland ry. He has been working in data management practitioner, consultant, researcher and teacher roles for almost 20 years’ in several business sectors. Academically, he has published over 10 articles in healthcare and information systems disciplines earning a best paper award and the  quality foundation grant for his achievements. Sami is also MIT CDOIQ Symposium 2021 Program Committee Co-Chair and works as Competence Lead in Siili Solutions Oyj. Peter Aiken Peter Aiken, PhD is an acknowledged Data Management (DM) authority, an Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, past President DAMA International, and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers.  For more than 35 years, Peter has learned from working with hundreds of data management practices in 30 countries including some of the world's most important. Among his 12 books are the first on CDOs (the case for data leadership), the first describing the monetization of data for profit/good, and the first on modern strategic data thinking. Jussi Nissilä Jussi Nissilä, PhD (Econ) is the CEO of The Finnish Information Processing Association TIVIA, Finland’s leading professional society in the field of information and communications technology. He is the former General Secretary of Finland's National AI Programme, and has worked 15 years as a civil servant, consultant and academic.

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  This webinar is open to everyone. Join TIVIA now and secure your place in TIVIA’s forthcoming events!
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