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Introduction to Open-Source Web-Automation with Robot Framework

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Tutorial date & time

Friday 17.11.2023, 9.00 – 17.00.


In this Tutorial the participants will learn hands-on how Robot Framework® works and readable and maintainable automated acceptance tests can be created fully Open-Source! We will concentrate on web frontend testing to have a more concrete example but Robot Framework is capable to test nearly every technology with its variety of testing libraries. For this Tutorial we will use Robot Framework together with its modern Playwright based web automation library called Robot Framework Browser.

It is fast, reliable, highly extendable and fit for modern technologies like web-components and it is also fully Open-Source. As IDE we demonstrate VisualStudio Code with the Robot Framework extension Robot Code. For Participants that do not have Python, NodeJS and VSCode on their Laptop, they can do all exercises during and after the Tutorial online in their Browser. For that it is mandatory to have a GitHub account (free) and be able to login. We use GitPod.io for this purpose, a Kubernetes based cloud workspace, that is free to use up to 60 hours a month.

So, join our tutorial and enter the rabbit hole of Open-Source automation tools.

Target group

This Tutorial is for everyone who is interested and basic knowledge in test automation and a very basic knowledge of programming. You do not need to be a programmer, but basic experiences with any scripting language helps.

Basic understanding of HTML and web-frontend technologies will also help, but is not mandatory to participate and learn.

We try to make a healthy mix of entry level exercises spiced up with some advanced level pro-tips.

So if you know Robot Framework already, take your change to try our Browser library here.

And if you are fully new to Robot Framework, you are more than welcome to our community.


Minimum (GitPod.io):

Internet, GitHub Login, Browser

Optimum (local environment):

NodeJS 16+

Python 3.8+

Visual Studio Code


  • ISTQB® certified participants / FiSTB members & partners, TestausOSY (Finnish Association of Software Testing) members/ TIVIA network card holders: 600 € + VAT 24% = 744 € Please fill in the invoicing information in the registration page.

  • Others: 900 € + VAT 24% = 1116 € Please fill in the invoicing information in the registration page.

  • FiSTB organizers: 0 €


René Rohner is a Senior Consultant for Testing Systems, Product Owner of the Value Stream Test Automation at imbus in Germany and Chairman of the board of Robot Framework Foundation. He is member of the Core Team of Robot Framework Browser and developer of Robot Framework DataDriver. He is trainer and coach for Keyword-Driven Testing in multiple small and huge projects in Germany.

2023 is TIVIA's 70th anniversary year

This event is a part of TIVIA's anniversary year.



Mitä meillä oli ennen kännyköitä, maailmanluokan tietoturvaosaamista ja vihaisia lintuja? Joukko mahdottoman haastajia ja TIVIA, joka on jo 70 vuotta yhdistänyt alan visionäärit ja auttanut tekemään utopiasta arkea. TIVIA viettää juhlavuottaan tiukasti työn merkeissä – yhdistäen, kouluttaen, tutkien, tiedottaen, suuntaa näyttäen ja Suomen digitaalista kilpailukykyä kehittäen. Siis pidä kiinni. Vauhti kun ei ole hiljenemään päin.

2023 on TIVIAn 70-vuotisjuhlavuosi


Päivämäärä ja aika
17. marraskuuta 2023
9.00 17.00 Europe/Helsinki

Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
00100 Helsinki
--Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti--
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