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New Membership Benefit: BBST®
Software Testing Courses

BBST® offers a new membership benefit to the members of TIVIA. The person members and the personnel of society and partner members will receive a 10% discount on the selected BBST® software testing courses. To secure the discount, please use the discount code and type it when registering to a course.

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Who is BBST® 

The BBST® series is the most extensive and scientifically based software testing set of courses.

Cem Kaner first started teaching BBST® in 1994. The course then significantly evolved into a series during his teaching career at the Florida Institute of Technology. Over the years a lot of research has gone into picking the right topics, up-to-date assignments, and crafting a precise educational method. Countless tests and peer reviews have contributed to a version considered today the benchmark in software testing courses.

Since 2019, BBST® has been a trademark of Altom, continuing Cem Kaner’s mission to improve the state of practice in software testing.

The BBST® course series

The BBST® series was created as a sequence of online courses. With a specific educational approach, each course builds on skills introduced in the former. Foundations has the role of introducing the participants to this learning approach, making it possible to successfully complete the Bug Advocacy or/and the Test Design course. After learning multiple testing techniques in Test Design, participants can complete the fourth module: Domain Testing.

Every course is:

  • online and fully flexible so that any working professional can organize their study-time accordingly

  • organized in 4 weeks, 6 lessons with 2 assignments per week

BBST® Foundations

The Black-Box Software Testing Foundations course is one of the most eye-opening and in-depth online courses on the fundamental concepts in software testing and its critical challenges

The next BBST® Foundations course starts on 1st of May

BBST® Bug Advocacy course

BBST® Bug Advocacy is the course with the most immediate impact on your day-to-day work, from the whole series. You will become a highly effective tester, knowing how to help your team fix the right bugs.

The next BBST® Bug Advocacy course starts on 12th of June

BBST® Test Design

The BBST® Test Design course aims to help you become a more adaptable tester, giving you the knowledge to thrive in this fast-paced industry. You will gain the confidence to do complex tests and adapt your testing approach to the project.

The next BBST® Test Design course starts on 9th of October

BBST® Domain Testing

The fourth course in the BBST® series teaches a risk-based approach to domain testing and helps you gain competence in the technique through extensive practice with real-world applications.

The next BBST® Domain Testing course starts on 28th of August

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