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Tutorial by Robot Framework Foundation

Tapahtuma on peruttu

Robot Framework Tutorial and Hands-on Training


The target of this training course is to learn basics of Robot Framework in a hands on
manner. This includes creating test cases and new domain specific higher level
keywords, running tests and analyzing results, as well as understanding the overall
architecture of the framework and what is available in the wider Robot Framework

Target audience

This training is especially targeted for testers, programmers, and other development
team members, but it is suitable for everyone who is interested in Robot Framework.
Participants should have at least some testing experiences, but no programming skills
or previous test automation experience is necessary.
The training is fully generic and suitable for people in any domain. The application under
test in the hands-on exercises is web based, and participants will thus get some web
test automation skills as a bonus.


    Participants should have a laptop with Python 3.6 or higher installed. Operating system
    does not matter, but participants should be comfortable using the machine and have
    local admin rights to it.


    The planned high-level agenda is as follows. The list of additional topics can be adapted based on participant needs and interests.

    Getting started
    Welcome and introductions
    Robot Framework architecture and ecosystem
    Hands-on training
    Creating test cases using keyword-driven syntax
    Creating new domain specific higher level keywords
    Using test libraries for example new BrowserLib
    Using variables
    Using resource files to share keywords and variables
    Data-driven testing
    Gherkin syntax
    Running tests and analyzing results
    Tagging test cases
    Robot Framework and ATDD/BDD
    Additional possible topics to cover
    Editor support (VsCode, IDE plugins, …)
    CI/CD support
    Introduction to test library API
    Where to find more information

    Additional possible topics to cover

    Editor support (VsCode, IDE plugins, …)
    CI/CD support
    Introduction to test library API
    Where to find more information


        - FiSTB partners & members: 350€ + VAT 24% = 434€
        - ISTQB® certified participants: 450€ + VAT 24% = 558 €
        - TestausOSY members: 600€ + VAT 24% = 744 €
        - Others: 800€ + VAT 24% = 992€
        - Tutorial speakers & FiSTB organizers: 0 €

    Jani Haapala

    Quality automation specialist, quality consultant, tester, dad, husband. Long time Robot framework user and a Robot framework foundation board member. Passionate about building and providing continuous automated quality feedback loops through test automation.

    Timo Stordell

    Passionate SW pipeline builder for 25+ years. Enthusiastic about test automation. Been involved in embedded and web, telecom, medical and banking industries. On a crusade to build the future of SW development.

    Päivämäärä ja aika
    20. syyskuuta 2022
    9.00 17.00 Europe/Helsinki

    Original Sokos Hotel Tripla

    Fredikanterassi 1 B
    00520 Helsinki
    --Original Sokos Hotel Tripla--
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    Finnish Software Testing Board (FiSTB)


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