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CIC - Centre for Intelligent Computing
Kaj-Mikael Björk, Director of CIC (Centre for Intelligent Computing)
obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at 2002 (Åbo Akademi) and his Ph.D. in Business Administration (Information Systems, Åbo Akademi) at 2006. He is now working mainly as the Director of CIC (cic.utu.fi) but also as the Head of Research in Silo.AI.
AI and Generative AI have been identified as one of the biggest game changers of the entire society. Can researchers and industry in the Turku region be a significant player in the transition the society goes through? What is needed in order to be recognized even world-wide? How can a centre help in setting Turku on the AI map once and for all? These are questions that will be discussed during the presentation and during the discussion afterwards.

Autonomous Land Vehicle for Military and Civilian Applications
Jukka Heikkonen, Professor University of Turku
since 2009. His current research as the head of the Algorithms and Computational Intelligent (ACI) research group is related to data analytics, machine learning and data/sensor fusion based autonomous systems.
The speech focuses on the research collaboration between the University of Turku and the Finnish Defence Forces in the development of autonomous systems. The research utilizes the Autonomous Multipurpose Ground Vehicle (AMGV) Laykka demonstration platform developed by the Finnish Defence Forces. Laykka is capable of moving autonomously in various terrain and is available for both military and civilian applications. In this speech, multi-sensor system-based machine learning methods for autonomous systems related to target detection, approaching, and engagement are presented.

Päivämäärä ja aika
22. marraskuuta 2023
18.00 20.30 Europe/Helsinki


Tykistökatu 4
20520 Turku
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