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Success in a fast-paced world requires organisations to be able to react successfully to the quickly changing needs of customers, markets, and personnel. When we asked our customers about their biggest challenges, the same issues arose from our 10 000 participants: communication, change management, and lack of resources. Clear prioritisation and focus on delivering value are key elements needed for business agility. The Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe, offers solutions to these challenges.

Leading SAFe -course

Leading SAFe is the best possible start for the agile journey. You will get a thorough understanding of the background of lean and agile, its principles, and terminology. You will also understand how agile teams work and what lean portfolio management and funding is. 

After the course, you will know how to form agile teams and build cooperation between multiple teams. You will be able to execute joint planning for various teams, leading to faster value delivery. You will also learn to build a lean portfolio so that the chosen strategic products constantly create value for the customer. Moreover, you will understand how agile funding enables agility at the team level in practice. 

Based on the knowledge gained from the course, you will be able to reflect on and get a clear picture of your organisation's current state. You will understand the challenges and can sketch the following steps to becoming fully agile. This course gives a comprehensive view of Lean and Agile. It is optimal to have two to three participants from one organisation attend the course simultaneously to make advancing the new mindset easier.

The training will be held in English. 


The course goes through elements of agility and how to scale agile ways of working in the organisation. The course consists of the following modules: 

  • Agility in the digital era

  • Agile leadership and Lean-Agile mindset and principles in practice

  • Agile cross-functional teams and continuous value delivery

  • Agile R&D and building of customer-centric solutions

  • Lean portfolio management and funding

  • Leading an agile transformation

  • SAFe Agilist (SA) certification test

Target group

The course is beneficial for everyone who wants to gain a good overall understanding of an agile operating model and the Scaled Agile Framework. This course enables you to begin your agile transformation more effortlessly, and you can deepen your knowledge with role-based training. Leading SAFe is suitable for anyone regardless of the organisational position. No previous knowledge of Agile is required.


The attendees can take an optional SAFe Agilist Exam after the course. The exam takes 90 minutes to complete, and it is held in an online environment. For more information about the certification exam, please visit Scaled Agile websites.


Member price (TIVIA members) 1195  € (+ alv 24 %)
Normal price 1 395 € (+ alv 24 %)

Price includes training materials and the SAFe Agilist exam. Attendees who pass the online exam receive a SAFe Agilist Certification. The attendees can take an optional SAFe Agilist Exam after the course. The exam takes 90 minutes to complete, and it is held in an online environment. For more information about the certification exam, please visit Scaled Agile websites.

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Cancellation policy

Cancellation has to be done 14 days before the course start to avoid costs. Cancellations made later than 14 days prior to the course will be charged 50 % of the course price. In case of no show the full price is charged. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Nitor is Scaled Agile’s SPCT Gold Partner

Learn the SAFe -framework from its contributors! Nitor is one of the few Scaled Agile’s Gold SPCT partners in Europe, and our coaches have long practical experience in applying the framework to different business contexts. Many Nitoreans have contributed to the SAFe-framework since its development. Being a Gold SPCT partner to Scaled Agile emphasises Nitor’s extensive experience: In the spring of 2022, Nitor has trained over 10 000 participants on scaled agility, with high customer satisfaction reviews.

Päivämäärä ja aika
21. kesäkuuta 2022
Alkaa - 8.30
22. kesäkuuta 2022
Päättyy - 16.30 Europe/Helsinki


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