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BBST® Test Design


                                        In context-driven testing, we choose techniques well-suited to serve the needs of the current context. This requires knowledge of and skill with many techniques. It requires understanding, for each technique, what kinds of problems are more readily exposed by the technique and what other kinds are better hunted with another technique. It requires understanding, for each technique, what skills, what knowledge, what resources, what schedule flexibility are necessary for using the technique, and if these are limited, what other technique might do almost as good a job for less. Without knowledge like this, testers can pay lip-service to context-driven testing, but they won’t know what to do.

                                        BBST Test Design is a survey course. It presents a large number of test techniques at a superficial level—just enough to give the student a sense of what is possible. Then it focuses on a few techniques that are very different from each other, helping students develop some practical experience with each. The course suggests two frameworks for comparing and contrasting techniques and provides a large collection of references. These can help a student who is trying to decide how to test a particular product scan through the large set of possible techniques and pick a few for more detailed evaluation.

                                        Learning objectives

                                        Here are the objectives of this course:

                                        •  Gain familiarity with a variety of test techniques (Remember)

                                        •  Learn structures for comparing objectives and strengths of different test techniques (Understand)

                                        •  Use the Heuristic Test Strategy Model(Bach) for test planning and design (Apply)

                                        •  Use concept mapping tools for test planning and specification-based analysis (Analyze)

                                        •  Function testing (Apply)

                                        •  Risk-based testing (Analyze)

                                        •  Specification-based testing (Analyze)

                                        •  Domain testing (Create)

                                        •  Scenario testing (Understand)

                                        •  Multi-variable testing (Apply)

                                        Recommended Background

                                        All students who sign up for the Test Design course must have successfully completed the BBST® Foundations course.

                                        Course Details

                                        For this course, as you are accustomed already, you will use multiple resources to study:

                                        •  the video lectures and slides

                                        •  the assignments and labs in the Canvas platform

                                        •  the required and recommended readings

                                        The assignments are based on all these resources. This means that you will need to use them all in your learning in order to successfully accomplish the tasks for the course.

                                        Course fee

                                        TIVIA member price is for person members and also for the staff of company members.

                                        • Price TIVIA member 796,5€ + VAT 24%

                                        • Normal Price Non-member 885€ + VAT 24%

                                        Give the TIVIA discount code during registration to get the TIVIA member price. You can find the discount code here (TIVIA account login required).

                                        If you are not already a member of TIVIA, JOIN NOW (membership fees from 65 €) and pay TIVIA member price for this course!

                                        The BBST® course series 

                                        The BBST® series was created as a sequence of online courses. With a specific educational approach, each course builds on skills introduced in the former. Foundations has the role of introducing the participants to this learning approach, making it possible to successfully complete the Bug Advocacy or/and the Test Design course.  After learning multiple testing techniques in Test Design, participants can complete the fourth module: Domain Testing.


                                        Every course is:

                                        • online and fully flexible so that any working professional can organize their study-time accordingly

                                        • organized in 4 weeks, 6 lessons with 2 assignments per week

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