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Effective AI Communication: The Art of Prompt Engineering

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Effective AI Communication: The Art of Prompt Engineering - JÄSENHINTA
660,00 € 660.0 EUR
Effective AI Communication: The Art of Prompt Engineering
780,00 € 780.0 EUR
In today's fast-paced digital world, mastering interaction with Large Language Models (LLMs) is essential for professionals across industries. Our workshop is meticulously crafted to equip participants with vital skills to unlock the full potential of LLMs for innovation and productivity. Nowaday, LLMs such as Chat GPT and Google Gemini play a pivotal role in content generation, data analysis, and customer service.

Effective utilization, however, demands proficiency in crafting tailored prompts, navigating ethical considerations, and optimizing model outputs. Through engaging sessions, participants delve into the foundations of LLM interaction, exploring real-world applications and hands-on projects. They gain insights into identifying and mitigating biases responsibly, empowering them to leverage LLMs effectively. This transformative workshop empowers participants to stay ahead in the competitive business landscape, emerging with enhanced skills and confidence to navigate the AI-driven future with success.


The course consists of two sections. The first be on Thursday 22.8.2024, 9-12 and the second on Thursday 29.8.2024, 9-12.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop proficiency in interacting with Large Language Models for diverse tasks.
  • Harness advanced prompt engineering techniques to enhance LLMs performance.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to navigate biases and ethical considerations in prompt design.
  • Gain hands-on experience in crafting effective prompts and optimizing LM outputs.
  • Unlock new opportunities for innovation and productivity with AI language models.


Session 1: Foundations of Interaction with Large Language Models

  • Understanding Large Language Models and their capabilities
  • Decoding prompt formats for effective interaction
  • Introduction to advanced prompt engineering techniques

Session 2: Practical Applications and Hands-On Projects

  • Crafting tailored prompts for specific tasks and objectives
  • Optimizing LLM outputs for enhanced performance and relevance
  • Case studies: Applying prompt engineering in real-world scenarios
  • Ethical considerations and biases in prompt design

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Target audience

Basic familiarity with AI concepts is recommended but not required. This workshop is suitable for professionals seeking to enhance their interaction with Large Language Models.


No prior knowledge of AI is required. This workshop is specifically tailored for non-AI professionals audiences.


Course fee is 780 € + VAT. For TIVIA memvers 660 € + VAT.

Our expert

Shokoofeh Motamedi

Shokoofeh Motamedi brings over a decade of experience as an educator in colleges and universities of applied science of her home country. Pursuing her interest in AI, she won a scholarship from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland, to study MBs in intelligent computing. During her master's degree, she gained a good understanding of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and pattern recognition. Shokoofeh’s professional journey extends beyond academia, with three years of hands-on experience as a data analyst in a Finnish company, specializing in image processing, deep learning, and various AI applications.

Motivated by the recent surge in interest surrounding LLM models and the growing hype surrounding AI's applications in everyday life, Maria is dedicated to utilizing her expertise and experience to assist professionals in harnessing the full potential of this exciting new opportunity.

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Päivämäärä ja aika
22. elokuuta 2024
9.00 12.00 Europe/Helsinki



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