Web service design

Paikka: Verkkokurssi
Ajankohta: 15.4.2020
Järjestäjä: FITech

Learn the basics of web service design!

This course is the first of a three-part series where you will go through the whole process of creating a web service. This first part introduces the architecture of a web service and the main aspects of WWW service development from service design to implementation and content development.

You will understand the typical web service architecture and the main aspects of WWW development including service design (user categorisation, functional design, information architecture, information security, graphic design, usability), service implementation (markup languages, web programming languages and frameworks, databases), and content development (content production, copyrights).

No presence required at the lectures. Lectures will be streamed and available online afterwards. The course doesn’t have an exam.

More information about the course in Aalto University’s course page.

The course is continously on-going and a new implementation round starts in January, June and September. The application period for each implementation ends approximately 6 weeks before the end of the implementation round.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

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