Introduction to digital transformation

Paikka: Verkkokurssi
Ajankohta: 24.2.–29.5.2020
Järjestäjä: FITech

This course aims to demystify digital transformation and view it from a number of different perspectives such as general, technology, society level and company level perspectives.

The videos include an informal discussion with experts who have extensive experience from the area both from an academic perspective as well as practitioners.

After the course, the student has ability to

  • identify opportunities and threats of digital transformation from perspectives of an individual, company or society
  • recognise the role of technology and its potential in digital transformation
  • identify general challenges of privacy, regulation and security as well as responsibility of the society, companies and the individual
  • use knowledge, ideas or technologies to handle digital transformation and demands of managers in the digital era.


No exam. No presence required. No particular schedule except for the deadines for exercises.

Application deadline for this course is 17th February 2020.

All FITech courses are free of charge for the participants.

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