Enterprise architectures

Paikka: Verkkokurssi
Ajankohta: 10.3.–28.4.2020
Järjestäjä: FITech

After the course, the student

  • understands the purpose and structure of enterprise architecture (EA).
  • understands how to analyse, design, plan and implement the strategy of the firm with EAs.
  • understands how IT/IS solutions support the strategy of an enterprise.
  • understands the principles and practices to put forward business, information, process, and technology changes needed to execute the strategy.
  • understands standards of enterprise architectures.
  • is able to describe the different types of information systems needed in an organisation (e.g., transaction processing systems, decision support systems).

With this knowledge the student is able to use and apply the software tools and practices in the way that they are able to model an enterprise architecture.

Course assessment is based on assignments and reports. The course doesn’t have an exam.

More information on University of Vaasa’s WebOodi course page.

Application deadline for this course is 3rd March 2020.

All FITech courses are free of charge for the participants.

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