IT Barometer
The annual IT barometer of the Finnish Information Processing Association studies the significance of IT for the executives of Finnish companies. With a survey for IT and business managers, we study how IT is utilized in Finnish organizations, what kind of added value IT produces for their business, and what factors and competences connected to IT are considered to be important in terms of future success.

Survey of Professional e-Competence in Europe – Research 

Key points stemming from the survey data gathered by the Finnish Information Processing Association (TIVIA) include:

  • The respondents from Finland show the highest average age compared to their colleagues in the rest of Europe and a need to attract younger people to ICT emerges
  • A large majority of the Finnish respondents work in larger organisations
  • Respondents of small and micro enterprises are represented only marginally
  • One out of four respondents from Finland is female, one of the highest proportions across Europe
  • Finnish IT professionals responding to the questionnaire show a very high level of education, in general, with a high focus on IT
  • The majority of respondents work in the IT supply side.
  • The Knowledge Indexes of Finnish respondents are in general lower than their colleagues in Europe, with the exception of IT Systems Architect

CEPIS Survey of Professional e-Competence in Europe  – FinlandReport – Page 3 of 66 

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