TIVIA sends newsletters and bulletins about benefits, events and other topical stuff to it’s members. Please make sure that your contact information (you need to login before you can update your contact information) is up to date. You can find your member ID number in your member fee bill and in a magazine’s address form. Password is personal.

Update your member information

Each (TIVIA) member has a member ID and a personal password that they can use to login to TIVIA’s web page and update their member information.

  • Update your contact and personal information
  • Change your member benefit magazines orders
  • Join as a member in another TIVIA society (additional membership)
  • Change your password

Change of address

Your new address information will be forwarded to your member benefit magazines and to your member society. The new address information will come into effect in about two weeks.

Additional membership

You can choose to be a member of another society in addition to your own member society. You can complete the addition through a web form.

Cancelling the membership

You can cancel your membership by email. Please send an email to jasenasiat<at>tivia.fi. Also please note that a membership can’t be cancelled by phone or by not paying the bill.