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BBST® Domain Testing


BBST® Domain Testing

After learning multiple testing techniques in Test Design, in this fourth module, we will focus on domain testing, which includes equivalence partitioning and boundary analysis and uses a risk-based approach. This course helps you gain competence in the technique through extensive practice with real-world applications. You will learn to do variable tours, to sample appropriately from secondary dimensions of variables and to imagine relevant tests for results and consequences.

Domain testing is primarily a sampling strategy:

  • Divide the possible values of a variable into subsets of values that are similar in some way (we’ll call them equivalent).

  • Design your test to use only one or two values from each subset. Pick extreme values (we’ll call them boundaries) that maximize the likelihood of exposing a bug.

You might already be familiar with equivalence class analysis or boundary testing. This course goes beyond that.

You will work through a set of real-world applications that is:

  • Broad enough for you to learn the scope of the technique.

  • Detailed enough for you to develop this skill by practicing, getting feedback and trying again until you can do it well.

Recommended Background

All students who sign up for the Domain Testing course must have successfully completed the BBST® Foundations and BBST® Test Design courses.

Course Details

  •  Four weeks of classes

  •  One capstone project

Course fee

TIVIA member price is for person members and also for the staff of company members.

Price TIVIA member 675€ + VAT 24%

Normal Price Non-member 750€ + VAT 24%

Give the TIVIA discount code during registration to get the TIVIA member price. You can find the discount code here (TIVIA account login required).

If you are not already a member of TIVIA, JOIN NOW (membership fees from 65 €) and pay TIVIA member price for this course!

The BBST® course series 

The BBST® series was created as a sequence of online courses. With a specific educational approach, each course builds on skills introduced in the former. Foundations has the role of introducing the participants to this learning approach, making it possible to successfully complete the Bug Advocacy or/and the Test Design course.  After learning multiple testing techniques in Test Design, participants can complete the fourth module: Domain Testing.


Every course is:

online and fully flexible so that any working professional can organize their study-time accordingly

organized in 4 weeks, 6 lessons with 2 assignments per week 

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