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TIVIA-blogi: Mindtrek as a Regional Celebration of Digital Competence

Greetings to all Mindtrekkers from Information Processing Association in Pirkanmaa Region, shortly Pitky. We are an association that aims at collaboratory development of digital skills of Tampere and its surroundings, having started that already in 1966.

Our region is known for its competences in the digital domain, be it telecom systems and product development (as in the Nokia fame), or use of digital technologies in the transforming world of machinery, or helping organizations with nice everyday information systems. We are currently seeing a phase of growth as the new companies gain speed in their businesses. Tampere is gaining plenty of interest globally and many companies have recently built units here seeing the available expertise. That is no hype or a temporary phenomenon but a sign that the unique qualities on the area really work: the attitude of getting things done in a professional way, the seamless collaboration between companies, academia and the regional administration and the balance between innovation and solid engineering. We seem to be a stable, efficient center of innovation that is also based on sustainability – a great sign of that is that many of our younger companies are routinely winners in national and European competitions for best workplaces. Such success is not based on free cola but modern organizational principles and solid values. Good values seem to mean good business nowadays.

The keyword here is action, in natural, fearless, professional and collaborative ways. The hard work needs symbols and rituals. While Mindtrek has its purpose for getting great people together to share knowledge, stories and to form contacts, its presence here is also a symbol for the competences we have. The new digital culture – the business, the communities, the technology and business, the innovation, the respect for diversity, are the domain of both new economy and creation of energy and wellbeing for all of us, and doing it openly, in a sharing way. Those have always been the ideals in Tampere and Mindtrek is a celebration for them.

Tampere has seen all the phases in the digital culture and believe me, we are living the best times now.

Pitky will be present in the event together with our parent association TIVIA and Sytyke, the national association for information systems developers.

Matti Vuori is currently the chairman of Pitky

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Matti Vuori