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Devops for IT Professionals

Helsinki 13.–15.12.2017 | Jäsenhinta 1 690 € (+ alv) / normaalihinta 1 990 € (+ alv) | Opetuskieli englanti | Järjestäjä Tieturi

This is an introductory course to Devops with a hands-on component featuring practical exercises about every major component of Devops. Devops is a cohesive, widely used methodology that covers both processes and technical aspects of software development.

The course is an extremely effective way of gaining expertise with a modern way of creating, managing and delivering software projects that is being used by top software companies throughout the globe. The core of the course is built around three key technical topic areas of Devops: requirements management, version control and acceptance testing.

During this course you will gain a picture of what Devops is, how it relates to modern software development and how to use the different technologies that are within the Devops framework. After the course you will have an extensive understanding of Devops and its different components, technologies associated with it and the mindset that enables software development in the most modern way. You will learn that software is not developed as a huge monolith, but as a collection of components that can be independently developed, updated and deployed in a manner that is agile, modern and cost-effective. You will truly understand what kind of principles software development should be built on and have practical experience in setting up processes accordingly.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at IT professionals who have some amount of technical knowledge and are interested about the Devops pipeline from planning to deployment. The technical knowledge doesn’t have to be necessarily related to the topic areas discussed but helps understanding basic concepts about version control, automation and requirements management.

We appreciate participants who are not afraid to open a terminal window if required and even write something there. Don’t worry, we will provide you with the instructions. You will just have to provide us with a good learning attitude.

During this course you will learn

  • How modern software development is done on both a procedural and a practical level. You will have a great understanding of best practices of software development and will update your basic toolkit to a level that is expected these days
  • Enough practical knowledge to start working on version control, test automation, and requirements management and also to start learning deeper aspects independently as well.

Course outline

  • Introduction to devops and requirement management
  • Version control
  • Automatic acceptance testing

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Course fee (osallistumismaksu)

Jäsenhinta (TIVIA-yhteisön henkilöjäsenet) 1 690 € (+ alv 24 %)
Normaalihinta 1 990 € (+ alv 24 %)

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